International Journal of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation


Worldwide increase of geriatric population provokes numerous burdens on the earth. All governments and societies encounter social, financial and philosophical problems. It is urgent to organize efficient and comfortable solutions that support the changes in mankinds.
The purpose of this journal is to analyze these changes and to provide practical solutions that support patients, families and societies. Obvious differences among races, countries and societies should exist. However, most human societies share common sense that is ubiquitous in various societies.
This journal will aim at publishing articles that provide basic solutions to geriatric mankind and societies. We think that use of English is a practical method to share understanding among citizens on the contemporary earth.
We hope to provide explanations of technical, social and historical backgrounds of the phenomenon described in articles, so that these explanations will assist better understanding and in depth thinking of subjects that will valuable in the journal.
It will be our greatest pleasure to share challenging observations and opinions in the contemporary world.


Volume 1 Issue 1

About the Journal

Increasing number of geriatric populations is a huge social problem in many countries in the world. Medical and nursing cares are major remarks in the society holding aged population. The purpose of this journal is to provide information that will assist geriatric nursing homes that hold the majority of aging people in society.

Rehabilitation is a central role of nursing homes. Practical and effective operations are essential to achieve the role. Articles in this journal will describe activities in these homes and effectiveness of physical and mental rehabilitations.

It is editors’ pleasure if the articles in this journal will provide useful information in this field. Followings are the basic policy of this journal:

1Free access to read
 This journal is posted online, and anyone who will be interested in this
journal will be welcomed to read anytime.
2Invited authors only
 The authors of articles in this journal will be invited by the editorial board.
There will be no free access to submit articles. The purpose of this policy is
to maintain quality and policy of this journal that are
defined and maintained by the editorial board.
Hideto Sakai, M.D., Ph.D
Director, Geriatric Health Services Facility Shimoda, Medical corporation,
Jinsenkai, SG group
Formerly Deputy Director, Keio University Hospital
Professor Emeritus, Nephrology and Diabetes, Department of Internal
Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine
Harumi Kuno-Sakai, M.D., Ph.D
Currently, Director, Geriatric Health Services Facility Towada, Social Welfare
Corporation Miyagikai, SG group
Formerly President, Japanese Society of Clinical Virology
Editor, Language supervisor
Mutsuo Fukushima
Journalist, Official member of Japanese Society of Clinical Virology