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Efficaciousness of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Treatment with Mix of active Vitamin D3 agents, a Bisphosphonate (risedronate), a Teriparatide, and the Monoclonal Antibody against RANKL : A 10-year follow-up report on a female patient. Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima , Hiroyuki Sakai, Takeshi Miyamoto, Taito Itabashi, Hideto Sakai
Honda Motor’s robotic gait rehab instrument quantifies left & right legs’ movements in terms of measures of angle between femur and perpendicular drawn down from hip joint, enabling doctors to easily grasp poststroke hemiplegic patients’ degrees of the seriousness of asymmetry between both legs’ ability to flex and extend and to orchestrate physical therapists’ efforts to return patients’ asymmetric walking patterns closer to sound symmetrical patterns in light of a left-right legs’ spread-ability asymmetry degree index. Harumi Kumo-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima, Hideto Sakai
“Right & Left Scissors Angles” measured by Honda Motor’s “Walk Assist” robotic rehab instrument act as accurate indicators of humans’ walking ability and the “Walk Assist” help doctors record and analyze characteristics of Gait Cycles at both post-stroke hemiplegic patients and healthy persons. Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima , Hideto Sakai, Takashi Ninomiya, Satomi Takamura , Rika Tabata
A Subarachnoid Hemorrhage-induced Traumatic Brain Injury Case who Restarted Regular Food Oral Ingestion after 6 Years of Dysphasia-associated Nasogastric Tube Feeding Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Yusei Sato, Reiko Negishi, Mutsuo Fukushima, Hideto Sakai
Demographic Background for the Emergence of “Nursing and HealthCare-Associated Pneumonia (NHCAP)” in Japan ― Three Key Viewpoints that Need to Be Considered in Handling the Rapidly Growing Number of the Elderly Afflicted by NHCAP as well as Other Acute and/or Chronic Diseases Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima , Hideto Sakai
A Report on 27 Cases of Nursing and Health-Care Associated Pneumonia (NHCAP) at a Geriatric Services Facility in northeastern Japan Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima , Hideto Sakai
Improvement of Walking Functions in Stroke-induced Hemiplegia Patients who Used a Robotic Rehab Instrument Hajime Miyazaki, Naoko Yamada, Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima, Hideto Sakai

Archives on Papers on Modern Civilization

Influenza & Influenza vaccine

What will happen with influenza vaccine during this winter season: European Parliament started examination on WHO Pandemic Declaration of Influenza A(H1N1) 2009 (in Japanese). Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mikio Kimura
Recent studies on intranasal administration of aerosol inactivated influenza HA vaccine and cold adapted reassortant live influenza vaccine (in Japanese). Harurmi Kuno-Sakai, MIkio Kimura, Kazuyo Ohta, Yasumasa Oh, Ryuichi Kim, Rumi Mitsuda, Hideaki Kumihashi, Masakazu Takashima, Konosuke Fukai, Hiromi Yoshikawa, Mitsuro Sako
Developments in mucosal influenza virus vaccine. Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mikio Kimura, Kazuyo Ohta, Rumi Shimojima, Yasumasa Oh, Hideo Fukumi
Local and systemic influenza haemagglutinin-specific antibody responses following aerosol and subcutaneous administration of inactivated split influenza vaccine. Ysumasa Oh, Kazuyo Ohta, Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Ryuichi Kim, Mikio Kimura

Marine Renewable Energy

Tidal Interview with Mr. Mutsuo Fukushima of the Nagasaki Prefectural Government. International Tidal Energy Summit (10th Annual Tidal Energy Series), Produced by Tidal Today in conjunction with “The 10th Annual Tidal Energy Series”. International Tidal Energy Summit, 21st-23rd November 2016 • Novotel London West Hotel.Mutsuo Fukushima
The 10th Annual Tidal Energy Series. International Tidal Energy Summit, 21st-23rd November 2016 • Novotel London West Hotel; Power point slides presented by the invited speaker Mutsuo Fukushima

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Increasing number of geriatric populations is a huge social problem in many countries in the world. Medical and nursing cares are major remarks in the society holding aged population. The purpose of this journal is to provide information that will assist geriatric nursing homes that hold the majority of aging people in society.

Rehabilitation is a central role of nursing homes. Practical and effective operations are essential to achieve the role. Articles in this journal will describe activities in these homes and effectiveness of physical and mental rehabilitations.

It is editors’ pleasure if the articles in this journal will provide useful information in this field. Followings are the basic policy of this journal:

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Hideto Sakai, M.D., Ph.D
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Formerly Deputy Director, Keio University Hospital
Professor Emeritus, Nephrology and Diabetes, Department of Internal
Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine
Harumi Kuno-Sakai, M.D., Ph.D
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Formerly President, Japanese Society of Clinical Virology
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