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A 45-year X-ray observation report of mandibular alveolar bone density at an 81-year-old female patient whose alveolar bone
density thickened greatly as a windfall beneficial consequence after her osteoporosis was treated with anti-RANKL monoclonal
antibody following a 2009 tibia fracture. Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Hidefumi Marumori, Mutsuo Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sakai,
Takeshi Miyamoto, Taito Itabashi, Hideto Sakai
The HPV Vaccine on Trial Chapter 24 JAPAN: PULLING THE PLUG
Mary Holland,J.D., Kim Mack Rosenberg, J.D., Eileen Iorio:

“医学と法廷の場で裁かれる子宮頸がんワクチン“  第24章 日本: 電源からコードを引き抜く (接種をほぼ中断させた模範的国家、日本).
翻訳 堺 春美、福島睦男
Testing for SARS-CoV-2 in cellular components by routine nested RT-PCR followed by DNA sequencing. Sin Hang Lee
Efficaciousness of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Treatment with Mix of active Vitamin D3 agents, a Bisphosphonate (risedronate), a Teriparatide, and the Monoclonal Antibody against RANKL.: A 10-year follow-up report on a female patient. Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima , Hiroyuki Sakai, Takeshi Miyamoto, Taito Itabashi, Hideto Sakai

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Human Papillomavirus Vaccines

Program: International Symposium on the Serious Adverse Reactions Shown by Girls Vaccinated with Human Papillomavirus Vaccines. Date: February 25 (Tuesday), 2014 Place: Tokai University Extension Center, Tokyo
Symposium Organizer: Medical Doctors and Researchers’ Group Sounding an Alarm on the Adverse Reactions induced by Human Papillomavirus Vaccines
子宮頸がんワクチンの重篤副反応に関する国際シンポジウム 平成26年2月25日 於 東海大学校友会館 (東京)
シンポジウムの主催団体 子宮頸がんワクチンの副反応に関して警鐘を鳴らす医学者・研究者グループ
Preamble by the Translator
Mutsuo Fukushima
A study of Marchant Bankers (2)
Professor Masao Kyuno
マーチャント・バンカー 研究(2)
及能 正男
Dramatic History of a Jewish Banking Family

About the Journal

A climbing ratio of the elderly to a country's entire population has become a serious social problem in many countries across the world.
Providing adequate levels of medical and nursing cares to the elderly are now major political and moral issues in all society which has to take care of large numbers of the elderly.

The primary purpose of this journal is to provide information that will assist nursing homes for the elderly worldwide which are home to a vast number of old people. Old people who collectively reside in various types of homes for the elderly oftentimes make up a majority, or even a great majority, of old people in a country or a society. Under such a background, providing appropriate medical and nursing cares at these geriatric facilities is crucial. Wherever old people may reside – at these facilities or at their longtime residences -- providing for their needs is crucial because of the dignity of human beings.

Among this journal's other major goals is the one to give useful and accurate information on vaccination issues and PCR diagnostics to contemporary people, who or whose family members have been victimized by some types of vaccines that carry serious adverse reactions, given the fact that such victims have come to include numerous old people who do neither have freedom nor adequate information in deciding whether to allow themselves to be administered with such vaccine injections.

Rehabilitation is a central role of nursing homes for the elderly. Ensuring practical and effective operations of the nursing-care homes are essential to achieve the role. Many articles in this journal describe activities in nursing-care homes for the elderly and the effectiveness of some carefully-selected physical and mental rehabilitation methods and policies.

It would be the editorial board’s pleasure if articles in our online journal provided, and continued to provide, useful information in this field now and in the subsequent decades. The editorial board also hopes to contribute to preserving and protecting humans' health and lives from wrong policy decisions and from the pharmaceutical and medical industry's sometimes wrong and greedy practices resulting from their excessive pursuit of economic interests even at the risk of harming humans’ health.

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Exective Director
Hideto Sakai, M.D., Ph.D
Professor Emeritus, Nephrology and Diabetes, Department of Internal
Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine
Former Deputy Director, Keio University Hospital
Director of the Hakujyunen Nursing-Care Home for the Elderly
under the umbrella of the Hakujyunkai Welfare and Medical Group
Former Director of the Geriatric Health Services Facility Shimoda
under the wing of the Medical Corporation Jinsenkai of the SG Group
Mutsuo Fukushima
Regular member of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology
Co-founder and ex-editor of the International Journal of
Geriatrics and Rehabilitation
Harumi Kuno-Sakai, M.D., Ph.D
Former professor at the Tokai University School of Medicine
Former Director of the Geriatric Health Services Facility Towada under the
wing of the Social Welfare Corporation Miyagikai of the SG Group
Former President of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology