Volume 1 Issue 1

Review article

1.Demographic Background for the Emergence of “Nursing and HealthCareAssociated Pneumonia (NHCAP)” in Japan ― Three Key Viewpoints that Need to Be Considered in Handling the Rapidly Growing Number of the Elderly Afflicted by NHCAP as well as Other Acute and/or Chronic Diseases
Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima, Hideto Sakai


Original article

34. A Report on 27 Cases of Nursing and Health-Care Associated Pneumonia (NHCAP)
at a Geriatric Health Services Facility in northeastern Japan
Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima , Hideto Sakai


Original article

60.Improvement of Walking Functions in Stroke-induced Hemiplegic Patients who Used a
Robotic Rehab Instrument
Hajime Miyazaki, Naoko Yamada, Harumi Kuno-Sakai, Mutsuo Fukushima, Hideto Sakai


Published by International Society of Clinical Geriatrics